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Outdoor Structures FAQ

Where can I get an awning or veranda installed?

We now install Verandas nationwide. Please see our verandas page for more information on veranda installation. Due to logistics reasons. We only install awnings in the greater Dublin area which is Dublin and parts of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. Please contact us for more details. We will request some site photos from you and details of what veranda or awning size you wish to order. 

Should I buy a veranda or awning?

Your choice should be whatever suits the home. A home without an extension can benefit from a veranda. While a home without an extension could have an awning for temporary shade.

Can I order a custom veranda/awning?

All Verandas and awnings are made to order. They will be designed for the specifications you require within parameters. We carry the following verandas. More information is available in the veranda section of our website

1) The OutdoorScene Flat Roof Wall Fixed Edition Veranda With Clear Laminated Glass Roof

2) The OutdoorScene Flat Roof Free Standing Edition Veranda With Clear Laminated Glass Roof

3) The Outdoor Scene Plus Edition Veranda With 16 mm Polycarbonate Roof

4) The Outdoor Scene Plus Sloped Veranda with 8mm Laminate Safety Glass

5) Louvered Roof Frestanding

6) Louvered Roof Wall Fixed

The following Awnings are available. All are made to order by German awning company, Weinor

Awnings (all from Weinor):

  1. Cassitta II
  2. Semina Life II
  3. Kubata

How is the veranda fixed to the ground? Do I need to do anything?

The veranda is screwed into the ground using concrete slabs for a strong foundation that’s designed to withstand harsh weather.

What materials are your verandas made of?

Our verandas are made from highly durable and strong Aluminium. This material is weatherproof, low maintenance and designed to stand against strong winds. We also use exceptionally strong weather proof glass or Polycarbonate roofing depending on your choice.   

Are Awnings Weatherproof?

The fabric in Weinor Awnings is designed to withstand a short, sharp summer shower if caught out but it’s recommended you set it back in the weatherproof cassette holder during sustained periods of rain to avoid damaging the fabric. It is also not windproof, so it is recommended that you put it away in the weatherproof cassette holder during periods of strong winds. 

Is there a drainage system on verandas?

All verandas have a unique drainage system on them that stops water from pooling on the glass and drains down a gutter to the side of your veranda. This includes the flat roof veranda. Rain should be no issue.

How Weatherproof are Verandas and Awnings? Are they designed to withstand the Irish Weather?

All our verandas are designed to be resistant to the weather, especially with the occasionally harsh weather autumn and winter bring. Our verandas are made with strong aluminum and the glass is designed to withstand rain, wind and snow including a drainage system. With Awnings, the awnings are not designed to be fully open during harsh weather. However they all come with a weatherproof cassette casing that stores the awning when not in use so they can be safely put away

What Colours are available for verandas?

We have a number of colours available for your veranda. However these are dependant on the veranda you choose and not all colours are available

What colours are available for awnings?

We are pleased to offer a wide range of colours for your awning fabric from Weinor. If you have a particular colour in mind. Please mention it while enquiring and we will do our best to help you find the ideal colour for your awning

Can I use outdoor fire under my veranda?

Outdoor gas fires can be used, but it is crucial you keep your veranda doors open to allow air to flow in and out if you have doors. Remember to operate your outdoor gas fire in a safe manner. We stock many heating solutions including electric heaters that can be mounted to your wall inside your veranda. 

Do I need planning permission for a veranda or awning?

You do not need planning permission for either awnings or verandas as they are classed as removable structures. 

What maintenance is required for Verandas and awnings?

With verandas. Not much maintenance is required. It is recommended that you clean your glass occasionally to prevent dust and dirt build up. To maintain your awning, make sure it is put away after use to prevent dirt and dust build up. It is recommended you clean it once a season by brushing the dirt off and once a year by cleaning with cold soapy water during the summer on a dry, warm day.

How do I start planning for a veranda or awning?

Please send your inquiry to our email address where we will put you in contact with our experienced staff. We will need some photographs and measurements from you to help with planning out your quote. Afterwards we will arrange for a site survey with you once the deposit is made.

Do you have sample pricing available?

Sample pricing is available on our website but we will endeavour to get you a full quote as soon as possible.

Can I see your verandas and awnings in your showroom? 

We have sample verandas and awnings available at our Showroom in Goatstown, Dublin 14. Please feel free to visit during opening hours. Our experienced sales team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

How does payment work?

An initial deposit will be taken before work commences with balance due on the day of assembly.

How long does it take to assemble the veranda or awning?

It can take our team up to two days to assemble a veranda. While an awning will usually take a few hours on one day. We will endeavour to fit your awning or veranda to the highest quality and will inform you how long we will need. 

What veranda additions do you offer? 

At the Outdoor Scene, we offer many additional add ons to our verandas to help you customise your outdoor space. You can opt for glass doors, veranda walls and even lighting and heating. Feel free to ask us what you need for your outdoor space and we can make recommendations for you.

What is Plaza Viva awning?

The Plaza Viva is an awning designed for almost all weather types. With the Plaza Viva textile pergola awning, you can now use your patio in almost any weather conditions. It adapts to any house facade with its modern, slimline design. Ready for all conditions.

The Plaza Viva is ready for all weather. With strong, UV, Wind and Rain resistant Fabric. The Plaza Viva is made from sturdy materials. Use the optional telescopic post to easily drain pooled rainwater from the top with ease. The Plaza Viva is an excellent addition to your home if you want to create an all weather outdoor space.

How do vertical awnings work?

The VertiTex II vertical awning offers protection from sun and privacy. It also protects your carpets/flooring, curtains and furniture from UV Fade. It Adapts to any building facade to allow you the full benefits of the awning.

Can you install veranda without patio? 

You can get a veranda installed without a patio. Our installers can talk to contractors to coordinate if there is a planned patio build as well, allowing you to plan all your outdoor work done during the same timeframe.

How do louvered roofs work?

Louvred roofs are designed to allow relaxing in pleasant sunshine and be quickly changed to shelter if the weather takes a turn. These roofed verandas are exceptionally customizable and can be configured to suit your needs for home and business. Louvered roofs are made with robust aluminum construction and weatherproofed finishes for long-lasting. These roofs also create “Splash Proof” covers when closed to keep water out. You can quickly react to changing conditions with the tiltable lamalle and keep the rain out. Or let just the right amount of sun in.