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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Outdoor Scene, we welcome your inquiries at any time. You may send us your queries via email to or via any of our social media channels. However, to save you time, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions into a handy list.


General Questions

How do I contact you?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to answer your enquiries.

Where is your showroom based?

Our showroom is based in Goatstown Cross, Goatstown, County Dublin. We are situated across the road from The Goat Pub and there is parking available within The Goat Pub complex. Limited parking is available in front of the store and you can pick up your items directly from the front door.

What are your shipping times?

We aim to ship your product to you as quickly as possible with our courier service and typically we will try to have your product with you between 5-7 working days. Depending on the volume of orders, this may be slightly delayed. Order information will be given to you once you place the order.  

Do you ship abroad?


Yes, we ship to Northern Ireland.


Are you on Social Media?


We are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. We love to see what our customers are doing with the items they have bought from us so please send your pictures and we may feature you!


Barbecue FAQs


What size barbecue is right for me?


We advise customers to measure by the number of burners. With Gas barbecues, a 2-3 burner barbecue is perfect for a family of 4-6 people. While a large 5-6 burner barbecue is perfect for large groups and those who entertain frequently. Charcoal barbecues are usually designed for groups of 4-6 people and can take some time to prepare, although we do offer accessories like rapid-fire chimneys and lighter cubes to help you get started quicker. Gas barbecues are great for those who want to get the grill fired up instantly and start cooking as soon as possible.


How do I clean my barbecue?


Ideally, you should use a cleaning spray designed for cast iron or stainless steel and a wire brush. We offer many cleaning materials on our website including sprays and wire brushes to help you keep your barbecue in top shape.


Do you need a barbecue cover?


It is generally recommended that you buy a barbecue cover, even when storing it in a sheltered place like a shed over the winter as mildew and dust can build up over time. A Cover also protects your barbecue from wind damage and UV fade on the paint. A cover is a fantastic way to protect your barbecue all year round.


What gas do I need for my barbecue?


Many of our barbecues are designed to use propane gas. This is available as “Patio Gas” through many gas suppliers and can be bought at petrol stations and other outlets.


Can I run my barbecue on a Natural Gas line from my home?


Some barbecues, such as our BeefEater and Broil King, can be converted to use natural gas. Give us a quick call to know how.


What is the difference between charcoal and gas BBQ?

A charcoal barbecue uses charcoal as its main fuel source. You can also add wood chips for flavouring. Charcoal barbecues are ideal for “Low and Slow” Cooking. A gas barbecue uses propane gas or natural gas as its fuel source and lights up almost instantly. Gas Barbecues also tend to be larger and ideal for people who entertain and use their barbecue frequently. Some people also may prefer the taste of charcoal cooking over gas and vice versa. It is up to you which barbecue you would prefer.

Our Weber charcoal barbecues range: 

At the Outdoor Scene, we stock many types of Charcoal barbecue. One of our most popular ranges is the Weber Master Touch charcoal barbecues. The Master Touch is an evolution of Weber’s Classic Kettle design with some additional features. The Master Touch has a removable center grate which allows you to use Weber’s GBS range of accessories. The Master Touch also features the “one touch” cleaning system for easy disposal of ashes.

Another choice is the Master Touch premium. This charcoal barbecue has the features of the regular Master Touch. But with more additions such as a heat diffuser for keeping heat in and quicker cooking along with stainless steel components for extra durability.

Why is Kamado Joe BBQ so popular? 

The Kamado Joe is a mighty Kamado charcoal barbecue that has been extremely popular with customers. With its unique “Divide and conquer” cooking system. You can manage the temperatures and heat exposure for your food. The Kamado Joe is also perfect for low and slow cooking or creating unique smokey flavours. The Kamado Joe is also easy to clean and maintain. Finally, The Kamado Joe is also incredibly tough and built to last for a long time so you will get more than your money’s worth with the investment you make in a Kamado Joe. 

Garden Furniture


How do I care for my garden furniture?  


While many of our sets are made of modern materials and have features like weatherproofing. Generally, it is recommended that you purchase a cover to protect your furniture set from the elements. If your set gets dirty from accidental spillages. The Rattan and Aluminium frames can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water without damaging the material.


Are cushions waterproof?


While a lot of our furniture feature cushions designed for weatherproofing, they are mostly designed to withstand sharp rain showers. When not in use, it is recommended you store your cushions away in a cushion bag or a box.


Can cushions be cleaned?


In case of accidental spillages. The material on our cushions can be cleaned with warm and soapy water.


Can you leave the furniture out all year round?


Our furniture is designed to withstand most weather conditions and can be used all year round. However, a cover is highly recommended for when the weather takes a turn for the worse and to protect against overnight frosts. Cushion bags that can be stored in sheds or storage boxes are also recommended for keeping cushions dry during adverse weather or cold and frosty weather.


Do you stock Furniture covers?


We stock a large range of Aerocover® furniture covers and recommend them with our furniture sets. These covers are designed to provide a tight fit over your outdoor furniture to keep it safe from the temperamental Irish weather.


Garden Lights


Do you stock Garden lights?


We do sell a small range of solar-powered garden lights from Garden stake lights, to string lights and security lights. 


Do these lights need power or batteries?


Many of our lights use solar power and don’t require a power source. Our popular festoon lights do require a main power source.


Outdoor Heaters


What Gas do I need for my outdoor heater or fire pit?


The heaters we supply are designed to use propane gas. This is available as “Patio Gas” through many gas suppliers and can be bought at petrol stations and other outlets.


Can I use my heater all year round?


Our heaters are designed to withstand the elements to a degree. Many of our gas heaters have reliable ignition features designed to help fire heaters up during cold weather. Our electric heaters also have “IP” waterproof ratings.


Do I need a cover?


It is generally recommended you have a cover for your heater as not only does it protect from rain, it also protects from wind and UV Fade.


Sheds and storage


How do I order a shed with you?


Please go to the relevant product page and select the shed size and the colour you prefer. All the sheds will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of weeks after the order is placed.


Do you assemble sheds?


Unfortunately, we do not offer a shed assembly service. Detailed instructions are available with the shed and tutorials available online on Biohort’s web page.


How do I order add-on accessories?


Generally, we recommend that you order accessories when you order the shed.


Outdoor Kitchens and Built-in BBQs


Do you install Outdoor Kitchens?


We build and install outdoor kitchens across Ireland.


Do I need a natural gas line to use the barbecue in an Outdoor Kitchen?


Our outdoor kitchens can be fitted to use propane, patio gas, or natural gas, if a line is available. Please drop us a call for more details.