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Outdoor Garden Furniture

Ireland’s Best Contemporary Garden Furniture

The Outdoor Scene offers one of the most extensive ranges of premium quality garden furniture in Ireland. For over 20 years, we have been offering one of the largest selections of contemporary outdoor furniture, outdoor sofa sets and garden dining sets at the most valuable prices for you to choose from.

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Unbeatable Garden Furniture Products And Service

The Outdoor Scene offers customers a retail showroom located in Goatstown Cross, on the south side of Dublin. Our website features a comprehensive product offering for all your outdoor entertaining area needs. At the Outdoor Scene, customer service, and top quality products are of paramount importance. With a well-established history of serving many happy customers, we are an ideal choice for Garden Furniture in Ireland.

Our Garden Furniture range is extensive and includes popular rattan garden furniture sets, cube-style furniture sets, outdoor sofas, as well as fine dining furniture, all designed with durability, and impressive aesthetics in mind.

Santorini Outdoor Dining Set - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin Ireland

Choose The Right Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture: Sofa and Dining Sets

Rattan Garden Furniture is commonly known as wicker furniture. Typically, rattan furniture is made from a highly durable synthetic polyurethane material and has an attractive weave or woven appearance. But most importantly, it is maintenance-free. Rattan furniture styles vary from larger corner suites to more space-conscious rattan cube sets. Our rattan garden sets are built with exceptional care with high-grade materials. They are designed to withstand the elements and offer amazing comfort with the high-quality cushions included. Year after year, rattan outdoor furniture sets have been exceptionally popular with our customers with the beautiful Panama Egg chairs being a hit with families and our Sousse rattan sofa set being one of our highly rated and in demand. We also stock rattan cushion boxes to protect your cushions from the elements and keep the rattan style consistent in your garden. Our rattan garden furniture is sure to be an exceptional addition to your Garden or Patio.


Burgos Round Garden Dining Set - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin Ireland

Outdoor Garden Sofas

Outdoor Garden Sofas

Turn your backyard into a luxurious relaxation space with a garden sofa set. At the Outdoor Scene, we are proud to stock a wide variety of outdoor garden sofa sets. Our patio furniture is designed to suit any outdoor area or budget. Optional extras include well-suited decorative outdoor garden cushions and protective covers. From contemporary and modern designs to more traditional rattan wicker furniture. We stock a variety of different patio sofa sets to help you find the one you want. All our outdoor sofa sets are designed by some of Europe’s top garden furniture companies and are built with comfort, durability, quality, and longevity in mind. Our sofa sets are sure to bring relaxation with friends and family to your garden and patio.


Palma 3 Seater Outdoor Sofa Set - Outdoor Sofa Set For Sale Dublin

Outdoor Corner Sofa Sets

Outdoor Corner Sofa Sets

One of our most popular options over the past few years has been Outdoor Corner Sofa Sets. These luxury garden furniture sets come in an L-shape and are perfectly designed to sit in the corner of your patio or garden. We have plenty of designs for these sets ranging from classic rattan to contemporary outdoor sets with luxury teak-top tables. The Outdoor Scene collection is not only beautiful and stylish but also durable. All sets are made from all-weather materials and designed for exceptional luxury. See our range online and in-store. Our highly knowledgeable sales staff is happy to answer your questions and assist in finding the perfect patio furniture for you.

Milan Chaise and Bench Set Right Configuration - Garden Sofa Sets For Sale Dublin Ireland

Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor Dining Sets

Nothing beats the fine dining experience in the fresh air and ambiance of the home. At the Outdoor Scene, our service, and products are entirely comprehensive to suit your needs. We stock some of the finest garden dining sets in Europe. Elegantly designed, these outdoor dining sets are the perfect accompaniment to your garden and patio areas. Built on strong foundations for maximum durability. These patio dining sets are easy to clean and maintain while offering tremendous comfort and style. Perfectly suited to make your outdoor areas even more inviting. Our garden dining sets are a great way to enjoy outdoor life and al-fresco dining.

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Patio Sun Loungers

Patio Sun Loungers

Looking to seek out the sun this summer? The Outdoor Scene stocks a large variety of garden sun loungers. Designed for maximum comfort while outdoors. Our range consists of traditional deck chairs and contemporary Slide and Derby sun loungers. The Outdoor Scene range is made from the highest possible quality materials and is designed to be both durable and provide an extremely comfortable experience. A perfect addition to your garden for sun-seekers.

Derby Charcoal Sun Lounger - Patio Loungers For Sale Dublin Ireland

Best Patio Furniture For Your Living Space

Choosing the best outdoor furniture for your living space can be a tricky thing to do. You are always keeping in mind the space you have available. Sometimes you need to work within a defined area of your garden patio. One of the first things you should do is keep a list of “Needs” when choosing outdoor furniture. Do you want to create an outdoor dining space? Or do you want to create a comfortable patio lounging space? If you want to create a dining space. An outdoor dining table and chairs might be what you want. If you want a lounging space. An outdoor sofa set may be the best option.

Of course, you will also have to take in your personal style. Will the colours match your garden look? And the furniture type is important as well. Do you wish to have more traditional rattan outdoor furniture? Or do you want something with a more contemporary design trend? You also have to take into account the comfort of your outdoor furniture and if you want a set with cushions. There are plenty of options to choose your style of outdoor furniture.

Another thing you have to consider is taking care of your patio furniture. Do you have enough space to store cushions during the wetter and colder months of the year? Can you move your garden furniture to a more sheltered place to help keep it away from inclement weather? You also have to take into consideration the longevity of the furniture. At the Outdoor Scene, we sell patio furniture from suppliers who have amazing weatherproofing including fabrics that can resist some sharp summer showers. Don’t forget we sell garden furniture covers to help keep your furniture from the elements all year long.

And of course, you have to figure out what accessories you want for your outdoor furniture. Do you want to spend time outside in the sun? A garden parasol might be extremely helpful to keep you and your family in the shade when the sun is at its highest and warmest. Looking to spend some time outdoors during chilly evenings? You might want to make room for a Gas fire, gas heater, or electric heater to keep you warm.

Milan Outdoor Corner Sofa Set Lava Carbon - Garden Furniture For Sale Dublin

Outdoor Furniture Trends 2023

The Outdoor Scene is your one-stop shop to find the latest outdoor garden furniture trends. One of this year’s big trends is sustainability in outdoor furniture. When it comes to materials, our outdoor garden furniture is made with top-of-the-line materials designed with longevity in mind as well as superb build quality for your comfort and peace of mind. Another outdoor garden furniture trend is making your own work from home space outside to enjoy the outdoors while you are working. With plenty of different options like the Toscanne lounge set. You can bring your workspace outdoors to enjoy the sun. Whatever trends in garden furniture. The Outdoor Scene is always proud to stock the latest in contemporary garden furniture that will help you design your garden and patio according to the latest garden design trends. From treating your garden as an extended room in the house to stocking exceptional modular furniture. We stock luxury outdoor furniture to suit your needs. Looking for the latest in comfort? Our Catalan Outdoor Corner Sofa Set with a Fire Pit Table combines the luxury of an exceptionally designed rattan set alongside a fire pit table for warm gatherings outdoors. Designing for your family? Your kids will love our superb range of Panama hanging chairs. Make your garden an extension of your home with our amazing furniture collection.

Cove Outdoor Furniture Collection - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin

Garden Furniture With Fire Pits

One of the biggest outdoor garden furniture trends this year is keeping warm in style with our built-in fire pit table furniture sets. These outdoor furniture sets are sure to strike up a conversation with incredible build quality and attention to detail. And with the fire pit in the middle. You can keep gatherings going well into the night with superb warmth. With a number of different models ranging from lounge sets to round dining table sets like our brand new Catalan sets. These fire pit outdoor furniture sets are a huge crowd-pleaser and sell out year after year. The fire pits are also powered by patio gas which is easy to buy from your local gas vendor so keeping your fire pit refuelled is a snap. A superb choice for those who want to enjoy their garden or patio all year round.

Catalan Six Seat Round Outdoor Dining Set - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin Ireland

How To Store The Patio Cushions

At the Outdoor Scene, we have a number of ingenious solutions for you to keep your patio cushions looking as new as when you got them. For example, one of our weatherproof cushion bags is a fantastic way to keep your cushions. Simply just place it in the bag, zip it up, and store it in your shed. Or for a more sturdy option. Our outdoor cushion boxes offer a large solution that can also be used to store other garden furniture elements. When it comes to protecting your furniture. There are plenty of options available.

Siena Outdoor Furniture Set - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin Ireland

Can You Keep The Garden Furniture Outdoors All Year Long?

The outdoor furniture range at the Outdoor Scene is designed to be weatherproof and durable all year round with highly capable aluminium and rattan designed to withstand rain and wind even in the harsh Irish climate. Some furniture sets also feature polyester cushions that are designed to withstand a short shower and dry off quickly, but we recommend storing them in a garden storage box. Garden storage boxes are also available in-store and online at the Outdoor Scene. If you are also concerned about the dirt, our sets are easy to clean, and we also stock an extensive range of garden furniture covers to help protect your garden furniture from dust and grime.

Fermo Garden Set - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin

Customer Service Guarantee

The Outdoor Scene’s friendly and well-trained staff are always more than happy to explore all your garden furniture options. Every customer is different and comes with specific requirements. The Outdoor Scene takes great pride in our attention to detail and meticulous customer service. This has built great business relationships, and The Outdoor Scene genuinely values your custom. The Outdoor Scene also services the hospitality industry and other trade industries. Any commercial business enquiries are very welcome.

Zamora Outdoor Corner Sofa Set - Garden Furniture for Sale Dublin

Competitive Delivery Rates

Nationwide delivery is offered on all garden furniture. This makes buying your new garden furniture set online, all the easier. Browse the extensive catalogue online now at, and buy online securely, safely, and with prompt delivery to anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.

Salamanca Outdoor Sofa Set - Outdoor Furniture For Sale Dublin Ireland

Ireland’s Best Contemporary Garden Furniture

The Outdoor Scene offers one of the most extensive ranges of premium quality garden furniture in Ireland. For over 20 years, we have been offering one of the largest selections of contemporary outdoor furniture, outdoor sofa sets and garden dining sets at the most valuable prices for you to choose from.


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