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Weber 46cm Barbecue Brush


Cleaning your barbecue is a breeze with this handy, 46 cm three-sided barbecue brush.

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Product Description

Cleaning your barbecue is a breeze with this handy three-sided barbecue brush. Featuring a unique three-sided brush design. This brush is perfect for cleaning large areas of your grill quickly. The short sides are ideal for cleaning grill edges and dislodging debris built up between grates after you cook. The handle is also designed to provide you with a secure grip when using your brush to remove the toughest stuck-on food or clean the tighter spaces of your grill. This Weber Grill Brush is a fantastic tool to help keep your barbecue looking as good as the day you brought it.

This brush is perfectly designed for larger barbecues like the Weber Genesis series.

Product Features

  • 46 cm, 3-sided bristle brush design easily cleans larger areas quickly
  • Shorter sides clean edges and dislodge debris between grates
  • Comfort-hold handle for leverage when cleaning stuck-on food
  • 46 cm long to reach all areas of the grate
  • Loop to hang brush for easy storage
  • 2-year warranty



Dimensions & Weight​

Dimensions & Weight

Weber 46cm Barbecue Brush - Barbecue Accessories For Sale Dublin

Additional information

Dimensions 46 cm