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Weber Barbecue Non-Stick Spray


Weber non-stick BBQ spray will help prevent food from sticking to the grates, trays or griddles. This spray is non-flammable, odourless and tasteless so will not taint the taste of your barbecue food.

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Product Description

100% natural Non-Stick Spray for barbecuing. Non-flammable, odourless, and tasteless; simply spray directly onto the cooking grate before lighting your barbecue to stop food from sticking during cooking.

  • NON-STICK – Whether it’s fresh steak, lamb chops, or grilled fish, the Weber Non-Stick Spray helps stop the meat from sticking by creating a barrier, so you can treat guests to perfectly barbecued food
  • PROTECTIVE – Maintain your cooking grate with this essential BBQ tool, as the Non-Stick BBQ Spray cleans and protects at the same time, extending the lifetime of your barbecue grill
  • NON-TOXIC – With no hazardous ingredients in this Non-Stick Cooking Spray, it is safe for you to use, and since Weber believes in authentic BBQ food, this spray does not interfere with the taste
  • EASY-TO-SPRAY – The Weber Non-Stick BBQ Spray is easy-to-use and sprays a fine mist to cover wide surfaces evenly, simply spray your BBQ plate before you start cooking to make your life easier
  • WEBER QUALITY SPRAYS – You’ve invested in a Weber Barbecue and got the Weber BBQ Accessories, now maintain your prize possession with the Non-Stick Spray, designed specifically for your grill


Product Features

  • Easy-to-use bottle
  • Sprays from any angle
  • For perfect cleaning results and protection
  • Fine mist spray to cover a wide surface
  • 200ml

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Weber Non-Stick Spray 200 ml

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