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Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes – White


Odourless, non-toxic and easy-to-use Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes – White.

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Product Description

Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes – White

Weber® Barbecue Lighter Cubes are odorless, non-toxic, and easy to use. Pair them with the Rapidfire® chimney starter for quick and efficient barbecue lighting. Even in windy or wet conditions, the cubes will ignite your charcoal in seconds, without the smell or taste of lighter fluid affecting your food. Each pack contains 22 cubes.

With Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes, lighting your barbecue has never been easier. Simply place a cube in the desired location, such as the charcoal chimney starter, or directly underneath the briquettes, and light it. The cubes provide a steady and long-lasting flame, ensuring even and consistent ignition.

Crafted with Weber’s commitment to quality, these lighter cubes are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring they won’t impart unwanted flavors to your food. The white color allows for easy visibility, so you can ensure the cubes are fully lit before adding your ingredients to the grill.

Whether you’re firing up your charcoal grill for a family cookout or preparing a barbecue feast for friends, the Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes provide a reliable and safe ignition method. They are odorless and produce minimal smoke, allowing you to focus on the flavors and aromas of your grilled creations.

The compact and portable design of Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes makes them ideal for grilling on the go. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or enjoying a picnic, these cubes are a convenient and essential tool for quickly igniting your barbecue.

Take the stress out of lighting your grill and enjoy the convenience and reliability of Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes. With their efficient ignition, non-toxic composition, and portability, these cubes are a must-have accessory for any grilling enthusiast. Elevate your grilling experience and ignite the flames of deliciousness.

Product Features

  • For use with charcoal barbecues and smokers
  • Light easily even when wet
  • Odourless, non-toxic and easy grill ignition
  • No chemical aftertaste, only true charcoal flavour
  • Environmentally friendly and safe

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Weber Barbecue Lighter Cubes - White - BBQ Accessories For Sale Dublin Ireland

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