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Charcoal Barbecues

For all of you purists out there who believe that traditional coal is the only way to cook outdoors, we are sure to have a perfect charcoal bbq for you. More and more children of the original Weber Kettle bbq pioneers are re-discovering the magic of Weber Kettle cooking.

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Should I Buy Charcoal Barbecue?

For the barbecuing enthusiast, the charcoal bbq is a great choice. It is a traditional and simple choice for grilling. It can cook foods at high temperatures to seal in juices or low and slow to create the authentic smoky flavour many people love. The charcoal grill is a perfect fit for a small outdoor space. There are plenty of choices for choosing your new charcoal bbq, from simple kettle-style BBQs to the impressive Kamado Joe. The Outdoor Scene has a charcoal barbecue range for your budget and needs.

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What Is The Difference Between Charcoal And Gas Bbq?

A charcoal barbecue uses charcoal as its primary fuel source. You can also add wood chips for flavouring. When compared to gas grills, charcoal BBQs take longer to heat up; however, this is often seen as a benefit to many grillers as they enjoy the art of getting the temperature just right. Charcoal barbecues are ideal for “Low and Slow” Cooking. Gas barbecues also tend to be larger and ideal for people who entertain and use their barbecue frequently.

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The Best Charcoal Grills

There are plenty of choices when choosing your new charcoal bbq. The Outdoor Scene offers a variety of outdoor grills with premium quality. We stock ranges from Weber, Kamado Joe and Broil King, which are innovators and leaders in outdoor cooking. The Weber Master Touch is well known for durability, versatility and style. It set standards for charcoal grills. The Kamado Joe and Broil King Keg are perfect for bbq lovers who want to experiment with smoking and are looking for highly versatile charcoal with plenty of space to grill on. Browse our range of charcoal barbecues and find a perfect barbecue for you!

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Our Weber Charcoal Barbecues Range

At the Outdoor Scene, we stock many types of Charcoal barbecue. One of our most popular ranges is the Weber Master Touch charcoal barbecues. The Master Touch is an evolution of Weber’s classic Kettle design but with more added features. The Master touch has a removable centre grate which allows you to use Weber’s GBS range of accessories. The Master Touch also features the “one-touch” cleaning system for easy disposal of ashes.

Another choice is the Master Touch premium. This charcoal barbecue has features from the regular Master Touch. But with more additions such as a heat diffuser for keeping the heat in and quicker cooking along with stainless steel components for extra durability.

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Why Kamado Joe Bbq Is So Popular

The Kamado Joe is a mighty Kamado charcoal barbecue that has been extremely popular with our customers. With its unique “Divide and conquer” cooking system. You can manage the temperatures and heat exposure for your food. The Kamado Joe is perfect for low and slow cooking or creating unique smokey flavours. The Kamado Joe is also easy to clean and maintain. Finally, The Kamado Joe is also incredibly tough and built to last for a long time.

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How To Use A Charcoal Bbq

Lighting a charcoal barbecue can be a tricky task. It can take a long time to get going, sometimes the weather won’t co-operate and of course, using an open flame can be dangerous. However, you can safely light your charcoal barbecue with some additional accessories with not much expense. Using the Rapid Fire Chimney Starter and Lighter cubes (available in our bbq accessories section), you can safely and quickly light your charcoal. Using a Chimney starter also allows you to measure the fuel you need to cook your food to perfection on your charcoal barbecue. This is safer, more efficient and helps maintain your grill for longer compared to lighter fluids which can be dangerous to use and will leave chemical stains on your bbq.

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The Best Accessories For Charcoal Barbecue

To make the most of your Charcoal barbecue. A Rapid Chimney starter and lighter cubes are essential items as they easily and safely light your charcoal barbecue. If you are unsure if you are cooking correctly on your barbecue. Check out a digital thermometer for an easy way to check your food is cooking at the right temperature and avoid undercooking or overcooking your meats. Of course, you will need a way to safely move around your food and cook over an open flame on your charcoal grill. We are proud to offer various toolsets, including tongs and spatulas, along with protective clothing like barbecue gloves and splash-proof aprons to help you have a clean and safe cookout. The Outdoor Scene is committed to helping you have a safe and enjoyable barbecue experience. We invite you to check out our barbecue accessories section for all these accessories and more.

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Portable Charcoal Bbqs

Perfect for camping, taking to the beach and more. Portable BBQs lets you bring the authentic taste of barbecue food anywhere you desire. Our lightweight, portable barbecues are easy to use and clean and maintain. One brand new portable bbq grill this year is the LotusGrill. This highly unique portable charcoal grill allows you to bring an authentic charcoal barbecue with you on the road. Able to heat up in just five minutes and with a unique internal fan to help you control the heat. The LotusGrill Portable barbecue weighs just 4KG and is designed around portability from top to bottom. With our amazing range of portable barbecues. You can bring your barbecue cooking anywhere!

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For all of you purists out there who believe that traditional coal is the only way to cook outdoors, we are sure to have a perfect charcoal bbq for you. More and more children of the original Weber Kettle bbq pioneers are re-discovering the magic of Weber Kettle cooking.


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