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Discover a diverse range of garden awnings at The Outdoor Scene. Our awnings come in various styles and offer high customisability. Choose from different fabric colors and add features like LED lighting for a personalised outdoor experience


Explore contemporary garden glass roof veranda structures at The Outdoor Scene. Designed to endure the unpredictable Irish weather, our veranda structures offer a stylish and resilient outdoor solution.


Indulge in outdoor luxury with our elegant bioclimatic pergolas. Cleverly designed for basking in the sun yet adaptable to provide instant shelter when needed, these captivating structures offer the best of outdoor living in style


Prolong your outdoor enjoyment into autumn with the resilient Weinor Terrazza Garden Patio Roof. Offering reliable shelter from wind and rain, it allows you to enjoy your outdoor space in less favorable weather. With the Terrazza, your patio furniture can safely stay outdoors without the risk of damage


Easily control your outdoor environment with Retractable Pergola Awnings. Enjoy flexible protection from wind, rain, and UV rays, all while relishing the refreshing feel of open air. The simple button press allows effortless adjustment for your comfort


Experience effective protection from sun, wind, and prying eyes with our vertical blinds. Alternatively, explore the versatile and stylish horizontal patio blinds, offering a flexible solution without the need for permanent fixtures like fences or walls


Transform your patio with our elegant full glass sliding doors. Enjoy unobstructed garden views and reliable weather protection in a sophisticated design.


Transform your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat by eliminating wind interference. Our patio wind screens create a serene and wind-free zone in your garden or terrace.


Millboard is a premium wood-free composite decking and cladding that offers the beauty of natural timber without the drawbacks. It’s a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.


Our 13 Years of Expertise

With over a decade of experience, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project. Our 13 years in the industry have honed our skills, ensuring you receive top-notch service and solutions

Exceptional Customer Service

Have questions about patio structures? Our dedicated Customer Service Team and skilled Installers are here to provide you with expert guidance and support every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our top priority

Visit Our Dublin Showroom Today

Explore a curated selection of verandas, sliding glass doors, and awnings at our Dublin showroom, open seven days a week. Discover the perfect outdoor solution for your space and get inspired by our experts


Sebastian Grisales
Sebastian Grisales
Muchas cosas navideñas, me encanto.
Dan Steen
Dan Steen
The best of the best but only for those with deep pockets. A fantastic store offering high end garden furniture and barbecues but be sure to bring your wallet, this is not for those looking for something cheap and cheerful. The staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgable and I love visiting, sadly usually only for some Weber BBQ accessories. When (yes when) I won the lotto I’ll be back to fully kit out my outdoor garden kitchen!
Shirley Mccloskey
Shirley Mccloskey
This is an all round seasonal shop in goatstown,just down from the goat pub,clearly christmas so packed to the roof with seasonal decorations,trees,lights,everything you could want and more,I strolled around while everyone did there thing,beautiful stuff to be honest,from old style hanging decorations to modern day,every size of tree you could wish for,who knew so many lights in all sizes and shapes,great wee spot if in need pop in have a look.
Ian Ross
Ian Ross
Great friendly service, called by phone and they put away a item for me to collect. Really nice garden furniture and firepits. Definitely worth a return for a proper look.
kevin barry
kevin barry
Staff were friendly and we bought an heater here which was a great price
colette cunningham
colette cunningham
I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Bbq from Outdoor Scene. Wonderful people to deal with, they went out of their way to deliver in time for a birthday celebration. The delivery guys were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this store.

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Flat Roof Standing Veranda - Verandas For Sale Dublin

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Top quality Outdoor Structures: Verandas, Patio Roofing, and Awnings

Have you ever wondered how lovely it would be to be able to use your patio area or deck the whole year round? Well, now you can. The Outdoor Scene is delighted to announce the arrival of our brand new range of  outdoor structures that will offer you all year round protection from the weather.

Whether it is shelter from the sun and heat during the summer months or protection from the wind and rain the rest of the year, our awnings and verandas are purposed to build to your specification. You will be amazed at how much use you can get from your outdoor entertaining and dining area when installing a custom outdoor structure.

At The Outdoor Scene, we offer verandas & awnings in many different styles.

We also offer Weinor Awnings in various styles that include full cassette-style awnings.

Alternative high-quality outdoor area roofing solutions include the Terrazza Garden Patio Roof and state of the art Pergotex Pergola awning. For all your outdoor entertaining solutions, the Outdoor Scene provides a bespoke service tailored to you.

Sloped Roof Veranda - Verandas For Sale Dublin
Weinor Awning - Awnings For Sale Dublin

Specialists In Garden Awnings And Verandas In Ireland

Whether it is shelter from the sun and heat during the summer months or protection from the wind and rain the rest of the year, our Verandas & Awnings are purposed build to your specification. You will be amazed at how much use you can get from your outdoor entertaining and dining area when you install a custom Veranda or Awning.

Ireland’s Leading Supplier Of Outdoor Awnings

At the Outdoor Scene, we offer Garden Patio Verandas in many styles to suit your home. We also offer Weinor Awnings in various styles that include full cassette-style awnings. These Awnings are made to order and come in a variety of different varieties. Choose from the likes of the contemporary Cassitta II awning with its stylish design and versatile customisation. The classic design of the Opal design II awning. Or the Semina Life II with its modern design. Choose the fabric of your dreams for the fabric and the perfect size for the wall and we will install the awning you desire. Some of our awnings also come with motorized casing allowing you to control your awning by remote control and keep it safe during harsh weather. There’s nothing quite like our awnings and you can order your awning today from The Outdoor Scene.

Expert Edition Veranda - Verandas For Sale Dublin
Sloping roof Standing Veranda - Verandas For Sale Dublin

Garden Verandas and Patio Roofs: Ergonomic, Yet Economical

At The Outdoor Scene, we are proud to offer a selection of garden verandas designed to perfectly complement your home. Our garden verandas are made with high-quality aluminum, designed to withstand the harsh Irish weather and come in flat and sloped varieties. Both types of patio verandas and patio roofs are equipped with gutters and drainage systems to help prevent rain pooling on your veranda and drain it out safely. Some verandas come with a choice of strong polycarbonate or glass roofs that let you decide how much sun you want to let in with your veranda. And our verandas also allow you to install LED lighting to help you enjoy the outdoors at night as well. Enjoy the outdoors more with our outdoor structures.

Louvered Roofs: Easy To Operate & Elegant Garden Pergolas

Get the most out of the sunshine and keep yourself sheltered from the rain with a louvered roof. Our louvered pergolas are specifically designed to be easy to operate and quick to switch over whenever the weather changes. We offer pergolas with a large amount of customisations. Want more privacy? Order your louvered roof with privacy valences. Want to keep the wind out? Add some sliding glass doors and glass protection. You can even add in built LED Lighting to enjoy your veranda at night.

Our louvered roofs are designed to stand in all weather. With incredibly strong material on the frame and smart drainage on the roof to prevent water from pooling up. Our garden pergolas are ideal for the constantly changing Irish weather. Visit our showroom in Goatstown, Co. Dublin to see a completed louvered veranda.

Flat Roof Standing Veranda - Verandas For Sale Dublin

Customer Service Guarantee

At The Outdoor Scene, our dedicated and knowledgeable team is delighted to assist you in exploring all your barbecue and outdoor cooking possibilities. We place a strong emphasis on our meticulous customer service and unwavering attention to detail.

In addition to catering to individual customers, The Outdoor Scene proudly serves the hospitality industry and other trade sectors. We warmly welcome all commercial business inquiries with open arms.

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