Artificial Boxwood Trees and Plants

Boxwood topiary plants have been hugely popular in Ireland for generations. However, with our somewhat hectic lifestyles, looking after your boxwood plants has been a quite a challenge. Since 2005, the OutdoorScene have been supplying quality outdoor artificial boxwood plants in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike many artificial boxwood plants on the market, our boxwood looks real, feels real and will hold it colour and appearance longer than any other. The two tone leaf and deliberately un-manicured finish gives our boxwood the edge over all the others.
The range of boxwood topiary plants available at range from small potted and un potted boxwood balls, towers, cubes and spirals. We also offer pre-formed boxwood hedges in a variety of sizes. If the pre-formed hedges do not match your space we can custom make a hedge to your required height and width using our boxwood tile everything is possible.

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