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An incredibly elegant solution for your patio back door. The W17 Glass siding door allows for beautiful views of your back garden while also offering exceptional weather protection. Access your garden or patio easily by sliding open with its “soft closing” system to prevent sudden jolts and bangs. This door is also exceptionally secure and designed to prevent drafts from getting in. This door can also be ordered with a coloured glass option for privacy. With this door, you can even use it indoors to divide rooms while still allowing for easy access between rooms. This is a well rounded glass door that will look great wherever you put it
W17 Sliding Doors - Garden Verandas for Sale Dublin
W17 Sliding Doors - Garden Verandas for Sale Dublin
W17 Sliding Doors - Garden Verandas for Sale Dublin
W17 Sliding Doors - Garden Verandas for Sale Dublin
W17 Sliding Doors - Garden Verandas for Sale Dublin
W17 Sliding Doors - Garden Verandas for Sale Dublin

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A beautiful set of glass doors. The Verano Olivera is a sliding glass wall that is idea for outdoor structures or for your back door. Coming with weatherproof tempered glass panels. This set of sliding glass doors features glass panels running across a smooth running rail to help you easily open and close the doors to your garden. The Verano Olivera is a brilliant addition to your home.

Olivera Veranda - Verandas for Sale Dublin
Olivera Veranda - Verandas for Sale Dublin
Olivera Veranda - Verandas for Sale Dublin
Olivera Veranda - Verandas for Sale Dublin
Olivera Veranda - Verandas for Sale Dublin


Sample Prices

V764 Olivera 10 [mm] SLIDING DOORS
2000 € 2,664 € 2,760 € 2,854 € 2,949 € 3,044 € 3,521 € 3,647 € 3,773 € 3,899 € 4,173 € 4,299 € 4,425 € 4,549
2250 € 2,803 € 2,909 € 3,015 € 3,121 € 3,227 € 3,718 € 3,855 € 3,991 € 4,130 € 4,416 € 4,553 € 4,689 € 4,826
2500 € 2,943 € 3,060 € 3,176 € 3,295 € 3,412 € 3,914 € 4,062 € 4,211 € 4,359 € 4,659 € 4,806 € 4,955 € 5,103
2750 € 3,081 € 3,210 € 3,338 € 3,467 € 3,596 € 4,111 € 4,271 € 4,430 € 4,589 € 4,902 € 5,061 € 5,220 € 5,380
Number of tracks4444455556666
Glass Width per part mm769832894957101987392397310238989399811023
Handle in glass     229            
Inside lock
Draught excluder (per m1) 
Wall connection (per m1) 

Guideline prices only. Fitting is subject to a site survey.

All sliding doors are custom-made to the customer’s specifications and can be made to any size within the range.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to suit your needs. We will get back to you with the quotation within 3-5 working days. 


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We have been installing glass sliding doors since 2010, and we have a proven track record, both commercially and domestically.

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Sebastian Grisales
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Dan Steen
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Shirley Mccloskey
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Ian Ross
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kevin barry
Staff were friendly and we bought an heater here which was a great price
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colette cunningham
I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Bbq from Outdoor Scene. Wonderful people to deal with, they went out of their way to deliver in time for a birthday celebration. The delivery guys were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this store.

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