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Quality Garden Awning Installation In Ireland

At The Outdoor Scene, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of awnings designed to meet a wide spectrum of needs, seamlessly combining modern design with exceptional functionality. Our collection features various styles, and what distinguishes them is the high level of customisation they offer. You can choose from an array of fabric colors and incorporate features like LED lighting, ensuring that your awning is tailored precisely to your preferences.

Our folding arm awnings, presented in four distinct garden awning products, embody the perfect fusion of premium design and state-of-the-art technology. Depending on factors such as installation location, desired convenience, and specific features, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of colors and options, allowing you to discover the perfect awning for your outdoor space. Elevate your outdoor experience with our range of awnings that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

If you are looking for a high-quality awnings supplier in Ireland, look no further. We are here to cater to your awning requirements and offer optimal solutions for enhancing your outdoor space. Feel free to reach out to us for expert assistance and personalised guidance.


Top Quality Garden Awnings From The Europe’s Highest Rated Manufacturers

Cassita II – A Gem Amongst Cassette Patio Awnings

Boasting an elegant design and incorporating cutting-edge technology, the Cassita II is a patio awning that aligns perfectly with contemporary home aesthetics. Its puristic shape and ultra-slim cassette make it an ideal choice for modern living, offering additional options for enhanced comfort and convenience.

Experience youthful living with the slim cassette design of the Cassita II. Designed for enthusiasts of contemporary home decor, its outstanding feature is the puristic, harmoniously flat, oval-shaped design.
High-performance technology in the smallest of spaces – Fully sheltered, the Cassita II houses the latest in awning technology.
LED lighting for long evenings on the patio – Enjoy pleasant summer evenings with the Cassita II LED, providing warm, white atmospheric LED light.

For your perfect awning, tailored to complement any outdoor entertainment space, trust The Outdoor Scene for expert advice and premium products. Please be aware that we exclusively install patio awnings in Ireland. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to meet your requirements, and we'll provide you with the quotation within 3-5 working days.

Product Specifications

Max. width 5.5 m
Max. projection 3 m
Motor drive Standard
Crank drive
Tilt adjustment 5° – 45°
Mounting version Wall, ceiling or rafter attachment possible

Sample Pricing

Weinor Cassita II Awning Price List 2023  
No. of
Projection (cm)  
150 200 250 300  
200 2 €2,780 €2,897      
250 2 €2,982 €3,102 €3,225    
300 2 €3,188 €3,327 €3,452 €3,573  
350 2 €3,386 €3,538 €3,692 €3,844  
400 2 €3,587 €3,752 €3,918 €4,084  
450 2 €3,845 €4,027 €4,203 €4,389  
500 2 €4,048 €4,154 €4,432 €4,631  
550 2 €4,241 €4,418 €4,664 €4,866  
Agido Sensor     €180  
Installation Charge – Standard/ Oversize     €595/ €795  
Weinor Cassita II LED Awning 20233
No. of
No. of LED spotlights Projection (cm)
150 200 250 300
200 2 3 3,678 3,798    
250 2 3-4 3,932 4,052 4,175  
300 2 4-5 4,186 4,325 4,448 4,573
350 2 5-6 4,432 4,588 4,734 4,890
400 2 6-7 4,678 4,848 5,003 5,179
450 2 7-8 4,983 5,166 5,347 5,532
500 2 8-9 5,231 5,340 5,624 5,820
550 2 9-10 5,488 5,618 5,798 6,021
Agido Sensor     €180  
Installation Charge – Standard/ Oversize     €595/ €795  

Prices are guideline prices and may vary

Download Cassita II Brochure


A contemporary and revitalised interpretation of a classic awning, enriched with the latest technological innovations. The Semina Life is an all-encompassing awning that combines remarkable style with practical functionality. Its distinctive aluminum cassette casing guarantees optimal protection for your awning against the elements.

The Semina Life offers a high level of customisation, providing over 100 combinations for you to choose from in terms of fabric and frame colors.

Enhancing privacy is easy with the Semina Life, as it can be ordered with a custom valance. Additionally, this smart awning comes equipped with a rain and wind motion detector, ensuring swift retraction in unfavorable weather conditions. For added convenience, the Semina Life can be controlled either through a handheld remote or the user-friendly Weinor app.


Valance Plus Option

Weinor Awning - Awnings For Sale Dublin
Awnings For Sale Dublin

Product Specifications

Max. width 6.5 m
Max. projection 4 m
Motor drive standard
Wind protection Tested to wind force 5 (Beaufort)
Adjusting the inclination 5° – 40°
Installation options Can be installed on walls, ceilings and rafters

Weinor Semina Life Awning Price List 2023  
of arms
Projection (cm)  
150 200 250 300 350 400  
200 2 €3,403            
250 2 €3,582 €3,678          
300 2 €3,767 €3,870 €3,981        
350 2 €3,947 €4,065 €4,185 €4,303      
400 2 €4,132 €4,260 €4,387 €4,520 €4,649    
450 2 €4,313 €4,455 €4,596 €4,736 €4,878 €5,020  
500 2 €4,494 €4,649 €4,804 €4,955 €5,104 €5,256  
550 2 €4,678 €4,841 €4,959 €5,169 €5,331 €5,498  
600 2 €4,857 €5,036 €5,213 €5,384 €5,559 €5,735  
650 2 €5,042 €5,226 €5,412 €5,600 €5,791 €5,977  
Agido Wind Sensor         €180  
Installation Charge – Standard/ Oversize         €595/ €795  
Weinor Semina Life LED Awning
of arms
No. of LED spotlights Projection (cm)
150 200 250 300 350 400
200 2 2-3 €4,107          
250 2 3-4 €4,290 €4,384        
300 2 4-5 €4,525 €4,628 €4,736      
350 2 5-6 €4,703 €4,822 €4,943 €5,058    
400 2 6-7 €4,938 €5,068 €5,195 €5,325 €5,457  
450 2 7-8 €5,120 €5,259 €5,404 €5,542 €5,683 €5,826
500 2 8-9 €5,464 €5,618 €5,773 €5,921 €6,074 €6,226
550 2 9 €5,647 €5,811 €5,975 €6,136 €6,299 €6,466
600 2 10 €5,879 €6,054 €6,228 €6,407 €6,579 €6,755
650 2 10 €6,062 €6,249 €6,435 €6,624 €6,805 €6,992
Agido Wind Sensor           €180
Installation Charge – Standard/ Oversize           €595/ €795

Prices are guideline prices and may vary

Download Semina Life Brochure

Kubata – The Cubic Luxurious Cassette Patio Awning

The Kubata awning boasts a clear, consistent, and cubic design, offering a strikingly modern aesthetic. Its unique cubic casing, designed with a “screwless” look, seamlessly blends with the building design, making it a superb standalone feature. In addition to its stylish appearance, the casing provides optimum protection from rain and dirt, ensuring durability and longevity.

Smaila – The Small, Yet Impressive Cubic Awning

For those seeking premium, sophisticated, and customizable sun protection for their balcony or compact patio, the Smaila cassette awning from Weinor is the ultimate choice. This awning offers a plethora of options to add stunning visual highlights to your outdoor space. Additionally, its modern technical features, crafted with top-quality “Made in Germany” precision, ensure unparalleled functionality and performance, leaving no desires unmet.

Slim, cubic design
Modern contemprary shape, decorative side end caps and a high visible fabric share make Smaila a chic accessory on balconies and small patios.
Optimally protected against the wet and dirt
The all-round enclosed and robust awning cassette keeps the fabric and other technical components just as well protected against the elements as the controlled rain drain at the front of the front profile.
Optionally with Valance Plus including a solar module
Smaila can optionally be supplemented with a Valance Plus. It ensures sun, privacy and glare protection from the front. With an integrated solar module, it can be extended and retracted fully independently of the power supply as needed.
Top quality
The strong and low-noise weinor LongLife arm and several further high-quality components guarantee top notch quality “Made in Germany”.
Integrated LED lighting
LED spotlights integrated into the cassette are available on request. The economical LEDs stand out due to their low energy consumption and are infinitely dimmable – regardless of whether via remote control with a hand transmitter or using a Smart Home app with a smartphone or tablet.
The right solution for every installation situation
Smaila can be installed everywhere, no matter whether on walls, ceilings or rafter brackets. An individual and visually attractive solution is also provided for highly specific constructional prerequisites.
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Benefit from over 60 years of product development. The Weinor product solutions are tailored to your building situation, with personalised advice from The Outdoor Scene.

The Weinor Smaila awning provides an extensive array of customization options with 171 fabric colors and 200 case colors to perfectly align with your unique style preferences. This exceptional patio awning serves as an ideal addition to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home and garden, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your desired look and feel.

At a Glance

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks from date of order.

For the perfect garden awning tailored to your outdoor entertainment space, trust The Outdoor Scene for expert advice and top-quality products. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation quote to meet your requirements, and we will provide you with the quotation within 3-5 working days.

Product Specifications

Max. Width 5.5 m (with 3 m max. projection)
Max. Projection 3.5 m (with 5 m max. width)
Wind Protection Tested to wind force 5 (Beaufort scale)
Pitch Up to 40° | For Valance Plus up to 20°
Awning Drive Motor drive (as standard) | gear handle
Valance Plus Drive Gear handle (as standard) | remote-controlled motor (solar)
Valance Plus Patterns StarScreen, Soltis 86/92, my collections 2

Download Smaila Brochure


With Weinor’s extensive range of patterns and frame colours, you can customise your Garden Awning to suit your taste.

The Patterns and Frame Colours are available to browse in these links or call into our store to view our sample books.


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