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Athena Flame Gas Patio Heater


The Athena Flame Gas Patio Heater offers a blend of safety, convenience, and durability for outdoor heating needs. Featuring an anti-tilt safety cut off mechanism and variable valve for heat adjustment, this heater ensures safe and customizable warmth. With stainless steel construction and a powder-coated control box, it’s built to withstand the elements. The included accessories and ease of mobility make it a practical choice for outdoor spaces.


  • Anti-Tilt Safety Cut-Off Mechanism
  • Valve: Low Output to High Output with Pilot
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 53 x 53 cm x 220 cm

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Product Description

The Athena Flame Gas Patio Heater combines safety, convenience, and durability to provide warmth and comfort in outdoor spaces. With an anti-tilt safety cut off mechanism, it ensures automatic shutdown in case of tipping or tilting, offering peace of mind during use.

Equipped with a variable valve, the heater allows for easy adjustment of heat output from low to high, with a pilot function for quick ignition. The battery igniter ensures effortless startup with a simple push-button operation, eliminating the need for manual ignition methods.

Constructed with stainless steel components and a powder-coated control box, the heater is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance. The aluminium support pose provides sturdy support, while the chrome-plated wire guard ensures safety without obstructing the view of the flame.

For added convenience, the heater features wheels for easy movement, a hinged door for access to the fuel container compartment, and compatibility with both propane and LPG gas. The included hose and propane regulator make setup hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy warmth and comfort outdoors with ease.

Whether used in residential or commercial settings, the Athena Flame Gas Patio Heater offers efficient heating and reliable performance, enhancing the outdoor experience for gatherings, events, and leisure activities.

Please note that this gas patio heater requires “Patio Gas” propane fuel to operate. “Patio Gas” is available from brands like Calor and Flo-Gas. Please contact your local gas and fuel vendor to order yours.


Product Features

  • Anti-Tilt Safety Cut Off Mechanism
  • Valve: Low Output to High Output with Pilot
  • Battery Igniter
  • Middle Board: Stainless Steel
  • Control Box: Black Powder Coated
  • Base Board: Stainless Steel
  • Support Pose: Aluminium
  • Upper Board: Stainless Steel
  • U Vision Board: Stainless Steel
  • Wire Guard: Chrome Plated
  • Safety Pilot Assembly
  • Wheels for Ease of Movement
  • Hinged Door for Container Compartment
  • Fuel: Propane or LPG Gas
  • Hose and Propane Regulator included

Dimensions & Weight​

Dimensions & Weight

Athena Gas Patio Heater - gas Patio Heaters For Sale Dublin Ireland

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 224 × 50 × 50 cm