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Ooni Pizza Turning Peel


Achieve quicker pizza cooking times with the Ooni Pizza Turning Peel, enabling you to expertly rotate your pizzas within the scorching Ooni pizza oven while maintaining constant contact with the stone baking board. The robust seven-inch surface, made from durable anodized aluminum, boasts a non-stick effect that effortlessly slides beneath pizzas. Furthermore, the perforations allow excess flour to fall away, ensuring an impeccably cooked pizza base.


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Spin your pizza like a pro with this amazing pizza-turning peel. Designed to help your cooking while using a pizza oven. Simply slip this peel under your pizza and move it around. The seven-inch, durable anodised aluminium surface has a non-stick coating to prevent dough from sticking and the perforations allow excess flour to fall underneath.


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Ooni Pizza Turning Peel - Pizza Ovens For Sale Dublin

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 17 × 80 × 2 cm

Anodised aluminium, glass-reinforced nylon