Indoor and Outdoor Bean Bags

We are proud to bring you a brand new addition to the store. Extreme Lounging Outdoor Bean Bags. Perfect for kids and adults alike. These Bean Bags are incredibly comfortable, perfectly portable, weatherproofed and easy to clean. Browse online here to find the colour and type you desire.

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What is unique about our outdoor bean bags?

The material used for Extreme Lounging outdoor bean bags is polystyrene that adapts to your body heat and forms around your shape. That is why they are extremely comfortable! The fabric is waterproof and fade-proof even in direct sunlight. It is also double-stitched for extra durability.

How you can use bean bags?

Our bean bags can be used outdoors and indoors. They are also lightweight and manoeuvrable which means you can take them anywhere you need. They are also ideal to create an additional seating space for guests.

Why our bean bags can be used outdoors?

Our Extreme Lounging bean bags are designed for the outdoors and come with some impressive features. These include tough double stitching to prevent your bean bag from bursting under pressure. The fade-resistant fabric keeps the colour from fading in the sunlight. It is also waterproof so it can resist a spilt drink or get caught out by a sharp summer shower. Our Bean Bags are perfectly suited to outdoor and indoor life.

So many people love bean bags!

Ever since their introduction to our store. Bean Bags have been an extremely popular choice with our customers. They are a fun, comfortable and functional way to enjoy the outdoors and can also be brought indoors. They are also made with the highest quality material to withstand whatever. Bean bags can be easily stored or placed indoors. They are not just for kids either. Lounge outside with your friends with your favourite drink of choice on a sunny day and enjoy all the benefits our outdoor bean bag has to offer.