Napoleon 18 x 24-Inch Reversible Single Door


Creating your own custom grill island has never been easier with Napoleon’s Built-In Components, such as the 18 x 24-inch Reversible Single Door. Every great outdoor kitchen needs storage; this reveRSIBle single door provides storage and endless installation opportunities.

  • Flexible storage: Reversible design allows left or right-hand opening
  • Durable build: Stainless steel construction withstands the elements
  • Spacious interior: Accommodates grilling tools, spices, and more
  • Seamless design: Anodized aluminum handles and soft-close hardware for a sleek look and feel

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Product Description

Craft your ideal outdoor kitchen with the Napoleon 18 x 24-inch Reversible Single Door. This versatile unit offers valuable storage space while complementing the modern aesthetic of your grilling haven.

Crafted from premium stainless steel, the door boasts exceptional durability, ensuring it stands up to the demands of outdoor use. Its reversible design allows you to install it with either a left or right-hand opening, maximizing flexibility and adaptability within your custom kitchen layout.

Behind the sleek anodised aluminum handle awaits a spacious interior, perfect for storing grilling tools, utensils, spices, or any other outdoor cooking essentials you need close at hand. Soft-close hardware ensures smooth, quiet operation, preventing slams and protecting your stored items.

More than just practical, the Napoleon Single Door elevates the overall look of your outdoor kitchen with its clean lines and modern design. It seamlessly integrates with other Napoleon built-in components, allowing you to create a cohesive and visually appealing grilling space.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 18″ wide x 24″ high x 3.5″ deep
  • Material: Stainless steel construction with anodized aluminum handles
  • Features: Reversible design (left or right-hand opening), soft-close hardware, seamless trim
  • Benefits: Flexible storage, durable construction, spacious interior, modern design
  • Perfect for: Outdoor kitchens, grill islands, storing grilling essentials, maintaining a sleek aesthetic

Dimensions & Weight​

Napoleon 18x24-Inch Reversible Single Door - Built-In BBQ Accessories - Outdoor Kitchen Ireland

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