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Top 5 BBQ Gifts For Dad On Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the unsung heroes of the grill—the dads who turn simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces with their unbeatable barbecue skills. This year, we’re taking your Father’s Day celebrations to new heights by combining the art of grilling with a touch of luxury. For the discerning palate of affluent families, we present the ultimate guide to elevating your outdoor cooking experience. From mouthwatering recipes that tantalize the taste buds to exclusive grilling techniques that will leave your guests in awe, get ready to embark on a culinary journey that embodies sophistication and indulgence. Join us as we uncover the secrets of grilling excellence, ensuring that this Father’s Day becomes a memorable feast for the senses.

Weber Instant Read Thermometer

Does your Dad overdo a bit on the barbecue? Does the steaks he cook taste a bit more like charcoal? Umm, seems like we have the perfect solution!

The Weber Instant Read Thermometer is a phenomenal accessory for your barbecue. Simply just stick it in the meat and check your phone with the accompanying app. With a 165ft Range, your dad can even sit down and watch and support his favourite team in the GAA Tournament while waiting for your dinner to cook. Remove the guesswork from your dad’s cooking with this magical wand!

Want one for yourself? Shop here.

Weber Grilling Pizza Stone

Sick of your dad making the same old sausages and burgers again when he fires up the grill? Get him this amazing Pizza stone and open up a whole world of possibilities on his barbecue. Make fresh, homemade pizza with this grilling stone or even change things up like baking delicious desserts like Apple Pie. The possibilities for your dad will be endless!

You can order one online here:

Weber Original Portable BBQ Toolset

Does your dad like to travel and barbecue? Then get ready to flip, skewer, and season with finesse, impressing family and friends with your unmatched grilling prowess. It’s time to ignite adventure and create unforgettable Father’s Day memories with the ultimate grilling sidekick by your side.

You can order a Weber Portable BBQ toolset online, or visit us in-store for a speedy pickup. 

Ooni Koda 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Feel like really treating your pizza-loving father this year? The Ooni Koda 12 is an absolutely incredible cooking experience & will be highly appreciated by BBQ & pizza lovers. Small and compact, you can cook pizza, or bake desserts in this powerful pizza oven. Heating up in just 15 minutes and able to cook a pizza in a whopping 60 seconds. The Ooni Koda 12 is an exceptional gift for your father.

The Outdoor Scene Gift Card

Not sure what to buy your father? Or perhaps, you would like to help him along the way to buying that brand-new Gas Barbecue? The Outdoor Scene is proud to offer gift cards to give your father a boost in getting a new barbecue and can avail of our expert staff knowledge in-store when choosing the perfect grill.

On behalf of the Outdoor Scene, we wish all the fathers out there a great Father’s Day and hope you keep an eye on that grill before the sausages burn. If you are looking for more gifts, take a look at our Barbecue Accessories page!



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