Outdoor Beanbags – A space saving way to enjoy the outdoors

Do you like sitting in the back garden and enjoying the sun, but don’t want the hassle of moving garden furniture in and out of the shed or putting a cover on it when it rains. Maybe you have a terrace and would like a comfortable way to sit outside. The answer might lie in our Outdoor beanbags. Our Outdoor Beanbags make a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and can can be moved inside and outside as needed.

One of the many colour varieties we stock

No more Mess

Don’t worry about the zip up beanbags of old that would spill out polystyrene. the Our outdoor beanbags are crafted with high quality waterproof material and stitching. These bags can withstand a rain shower and the durable material is easy to clean. On top of that. The bags are UV resistant so they are sure to keep their colour even when in strong sunshine.

Perfect for the whole family

What makes these Beanbags so different?

On top of the tough stitching. The material used for the “Beans” inside is a special polystyrene that adapts to your body heat and forms around your shape. This helps mould the bag for your body, alongside the special air dispersal vents that allows air to flow freely in and out to help prevent bursting.

For the Young and Young at Heart

A great replacement for garden furniture

These beanbags are perfect for people who don’t have the space to spare for outdoor loungers or other garden furniture. Simply place where you want to and enjoy the garden. These bags are also lightweight and manoeuvrable which means you can take them anywhere you need. Perfect for children and adults. These bags are an incredible solution and packed with value.

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