BBQ Accessories

Explore our broad range of outdoor BBQ accessories for Weber and Broil King barbecues. All the tools you need to complement and enhance your grilling experience, from accessory kits to pizza stones. These grilling accessories also make perfect gifts for the griller in your life.

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The best Weber bbq accessories

As one of the biggest grill brands in the world. Weber offers a vast range of barbecue accessories to help you get the most out of their grills. They supply quality grilling accessories like toolsets featuring spatulas and tongs along with safety equipment like aprons and gloves, to help you have a safe and enjoyable cookout. Want to maintain your barbecue like it was new? Weber offers many bbq cleaners to help your barbeque look as new as the day it was delivered. Want a smart way to cook your food? Weber's revolutionary iGrill 3 combines it's thermometer technology with their phone app to help you cook to perfection. Featuring a whole host of products. Weber offers a vast world of bbq accessories.

The best barbecues accessories for a charcoal grill

We stock many barbecue accessories for charcoal grills. The most essential is the Weber rapid fire chimney starter and lighter cubes. A completely safe and quick way to get your charcoal barbeque started. This barbecue accessory is easy to use. Simply add the charcoal to the chimney, light two lighter cubes and pour the briquettes into your grill. Avoid damaging your charcoal bbq with chemical fluids with the Rapidfire Chimney starter. And don't forget to pick up a cleaning brush. One of the most useful bbq accessories. Our range of grill cleaning brushes will help your charcoal barbeque stay in top condition.

The best barbecue accessories for gas grill

Our gas grill bbq accessories range is packed full of amazing tools to get the most out of your gas bbq. Want to try some amazing roasts? Check out our range of poultry roaster bbq accessories for perfect Beer Can style chicken. Our range of Weber Gourmet BBQ System accessories opens up a world of choice. Don't just barbecue. Make perfect pizza, bread or Irish breakfast with amazing flavour on your gas barbecue! And with the Instant Read Thermometer, make sure your food is cooking safely at the right temperature.

BBQ accessories for smoking

Need some more smokey flavour on your barbie? The best grilling accessories for smoking would be our wide range of flavoured wood chunks and wood chips. Add the chunks to your charcoal if you are using and allow the smokey aroma to envelop your food. Using a gas grill? We also have barbecue accessories so you too can also enjoy the tasty flavour added by wood chunks. Using a smoker box, you can place the wood chunks inside, sit the box on the grill and allow the smokey aroma. Perfect for fish and poultry dishes. You can't go wrong.