Built In BBQs

Thinking of a built in BBQ? With hundreds of built-in Barbecue design ideas, choice of BBQ brands, outdoor fridges, and accessories – The OutdoorScene has everything you could possibly need for your new outdoor barbecue dining area. Take advantage of the largest range of Built-in Barbecues in Ireland!

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While the Outdoor scene stocks a diverse range of mobile and portable barbeques. We know there are people who still want more. For those of you who really have an affection for grilling, the Outdoor Scene are now offering a range of different built-in Barbeque models for you to choose from to help build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Almost all of the Beefeater models can be purchased without the trolley/cabinet. so you can just buy the Head only. this allows you to fit your BBQ directly into your own space or brickwork and create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. We also have a range of self build outdoor kitchens for those who are more space constrained but still want to invest in an outdoor kitchen An outdoor kitchen is not just a great idea for some serious grilling. It can add extra value to your home as well. And even with the complexities of the Irish weather. All grills are built and galvanized to be waterproof.
In another great feature the Beefeater BBQs can be adapted for Natural gas. Saving you money and letting you get grilling at any time The outdoor scene is pleased to stock a huge range of drawers, sinks, side burners etc if you want to customise your own outdoor kitchen even further The outdoor scene is pleased to offer this range to you. You can view some samples and take some ideas from the pictures here. Here we have provided a guideline to our prices to help you with your decision. But as always feel free to contact us or visit our showroom in Goatstown, Co. Dublin for further information.