Gas Patio Heaters

Gas Patio Heaters provide a fast, flexible, and safe outdoor heating alternative.

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Gas patio heaters

Gas patio heaters are specially designed and extremely well suited for heating patios, decks, sun terraces and other outdoor areas/structures. By providing circular heating radiation, patio heaters provide one of the most economical, clean and environmentally friendly fuels available in a range of stylish and aesthetically pleasing designs. At the Outdoor Scene, we have a wide variety of gas patio heaters to choose from to suit everyone’s individual needs, whether their chief concern is output requirements, styling or budget.

Our outdoor heating solutions for Irish houses & businesses

Outdoor Scene are constantly adding to our range of gas patio heaters in order to keep up with the very latest in gas heating technology. For example, some of our newest gas patio heater models come equipped with adjustable heat focusing reflector hoods which allow you to direct the heat exactly where you want, making them versatile and manoeuvrable sources of heat. This makes your gas patio heater much more cost-effective and energy-efficient because you can reduce the dial right down and focus only on the areas that you actually want to heat rather than heating all of the air in the immediate area (which is an extremely wasteful method of heating). Another new addition to our extensive selection of gas patio heaters is the very contemporary Athena Flame Patio Heater. The Athena heater is a modern, stylish and very effective gas patio heater. Designed with a glass case and metal wireframe, this gas patio heater produces a large flame that both heats up an outdoor area efficiently and creates a unique and aesthetically pleasing look.

Gas Patio Heaters At The Outdoor Scene

Make your outdoor space your own comfortable and warm space any time of the year with our fantastic range of Gas Patio Heaters at the Outdoor Scene. We are proud to stock many different types of gas patio heaters that are designed. The standard design like the Sahara X13 allows you to deflect heat in the directions you want it and make a perfect centrepiece for your garden. The Athena provides a unique take with it's beautiful flame tube spreading heat in a circle around your garden. And a low table heater like the Polo 2.0 spreads out heat at sitting height allowing you to enjoy heat spread out at a low level. While our gas outdoor heaters are made with the highest quality of materials. It is also important to get a gas patio heater cover alongside them to keep your heater clean when it's not in use and keep it working as good the day you bought it.

Why it is worth to invest in gas heater

An outdoor gas patio heater is the perfect way to get the most out of your garden all year round. Efficiently spreading heat around the patio, terrace or garden. These outdoor gas patio heaters make your outdoor space a year-round space by providing the comforts of the indoors outdoors. All of our gas patio heater models are designed for efficiency when using fuel and work with "Patio Gas" you can buy at your local fuel. So you can depend on your gas patio heater to be cost effective while providing you with warmth whenever you want to entertain friends or enjoy the outdoor space yourself.