Outdoor Gas Fires

With just a click of a switch, you can immediately enjoy the ambience and comfort of a real flame fire. Turn your outdoor entertaining area into the perfect space for all year round with gas fire and heating solution.

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Enhance your outdoor space with outdoor gas fire

Enjoy the evenings in Ireland for longer & all year round with an outdoor gas heater. The cosy outdoor gas fireplace provides warmth and conviviality. Your summer nights will be extended on a particularly attractive way. Our garden gas heaters are designed with comfort, style and safety in mind. They are easy to use with instant ignition systems. Patio gas heaters are also built for wide distribution of heat so you can heat an entire area and keep friends and family comfortable. A perfect addition to gardens, patios and backyards. Our outdoor gas fires are also incredibly suited to business use like outdoor restaurant seating, outdoor smoking areas and beer gardens.

Cocoon Gas Patio Fires

The Tables seems to be made of concrete, when in fact they are made of composite. This makes them resistant to extreme heat and cold and they can be left without a problem outside all winter. The Table is available in different models (square, bowl, round) and in different colours (black, taupe and anthracite) and sizes. The fire is powered by a stainless steel gas-burner, nicely camouflaged with optical logs and lava rocks. The fire is ignited by the electronic ignition and flame height can be adjusted by using a dial, both finely processed in a stainless steel panel. The Tables are supplied with 4 stems, 5.5 kg of lava stone (3.5 kg in the circular model), a PVC protective cover and 250 cm CE-approved rubber gas hose. All our models can be converted to natural gas.

How to hide gas bottle

Want to enjoy your outdoor gas fire but don't want to see a patio gas bottle interrupt your view?. The Outdoor Scene is proud to stock a number of aesthetically pleasing and high performing options for your outdoor gas fire. With our gas bottle enclosures, you can discreetly store your patio gas bottle away from your outdoor gas fire. With several different colours available to match your patio or outdoor gas fire. These gas bottle enclosures are a fantastic addition to your patio.

Benefits of gas fire

The benefits of an outdoor gas fire are tremendous if you like to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. With your patio gas fire, you can of course warm your area up, making it a perfect solution for chilly nights. Outdoor gas fires also make perfect centrepieces for your outdoor furniture set, allowing you to relax and enjoy the warmth. The real flames from our patio gas fires are also beautiful to watch. Featuring wonderful aesthetic designs, alongside modern and durable construction. These Outdoor Gas fires are a fantastic addition to your garden space.

Contemporary gas patio fires

The outdoor Scene is proud to stock two signature models in our Outdoor Gas Fire range. The Manhattan and The Athens. Both are contemporary outdoor gas fire structures built with modern functions and classic designs. They are built with incredible aesthetics in mind. The Athens also doubles as a table allowing you to enjoy a drink while you admire the fire. The Athens and Manhattan outdoor gas fires make a super addition to any outdoor space.