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Enhance your outdoor patio experience with this remarkable hanging electric patio heater. It offers an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. The Marbella heater delivers heat from above, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere directly on your patio table.

The Marbella electric ceiling heater fulfills its intended purpose with precision. It provides cozy warmth for your covered terrace or balcony table. This radiant heater effectively directs heat exactly where it’s needed. The Marbella offers height adjustment flexibility thanks to its sturdy wire-hanging device. Additionally, a screw carabiner is included in the package for attaching the ceiling heater securely. Simply connect the 1.80-meter-long power cable to the power supply, and you’re all set.

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An incredible accompaniment to your outdoor patio, this hanging electric patio heater is a superb way to enjoy the outdoors all year round. The Marbella supplies the heat from above and radiates precisely onto your patio table for a warm and inviting atmosphere all year round.

The Marbella electric ceiling heater does exactly what the manufacturer designed it to do. It provides pleasantly cosy warmth on the covered terrace or balcony table. The radiant heater brings the heat precisely to the point required on your table and spreads out the warmth over a wide area. The Marbella hanging electric outdoor heater is also designed to adjust to your needs with a height-adjustable hanging device allowing you to set the ideal height. This is made of sturdy wire for a strong and stable. You will also find a screw carabiner with the heater for mounting on the ceiling, to which the ceiling heater is then ultimately attached. Then the 1.80 m long connection cable is connected to the power supply. Making the Marbella hanging electric heater easy to assemble and hang up.

The Marbella heater operates with a 2,000 W halogen tube for energy-efficient heating. The setting of other power levels is not possible and is usually not necessary. Simply adjust the height of the heater to better spread out the cone of heat. Designed for outdoor use with its IP45 “splashproof” rating. You can switch the ceiling heater on and off using the supplied remote control and also control the LED lighting in the Marbella. The 3.3 kg heater is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. With 2,000 W heating power, you will feel the warmth immediately after switching on the device.

A brilliant choice for your patio, outdoor dining area, and more.

Comes with 2-Pin Plug and 3-pin converter included

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Dimensions & Weight​

Dimensions & Weight

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Weight 3.3 kg