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Weber BBQ Mitt Gloves


Keep your hands and forearms protected from the heat while grilling with the Weber® Barbecue Mitt. Featuring a foldable cuff for a customisable fit and heat-resistant liner, this mitt ensures comfort and safety during BBQ sessions.


  • Heat Protection: Provides protection for hands and forearms against high temperatures
  • Customisable Fit: Foldable cuff allows for adjustable length to fit various hand sizes
  • Iconic Design: Features black mitt with red kettle embroidery, showcasing the Weber brand
  • Material: Made of 100% cotton with a heat-resistant liner for comfort and safety
  • Certified Heat Resistance: Tested and certified to resist temperatures up to 350°C/662°F
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth; not washing machine safe.

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Product Description

Grilling enthusiasts can now enjoy added safety and comfort with the Weber® Barbecue Mitt. Designed to shield your hands and forearms from the intense heat of your barbecue, this mitt is an essential accessory for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Crafted from 100% cotton with a heat-resistant liner, this black mitt features eye-catching red kettle embroidery, showcasing your allegiance to the iconic Weber brand. The foldable cuff allows you to adjust the length for a customized fit, ensuring maximum protection and comfort while grilling.


The mitt has been rigorously tested and certified to resist temperatures up to 350°C/662°F, providing reliable heat protection for your hands and forearms. However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of the insulation may be reduced if the mitt becomes damp or wet, so it’s essential to keep it dry during use.

While the mitt offers excellent protection during normal grilling activities, it’s important to exercise caution when handling cast-iron cookware, as it can transfer and retain significantly higher heat than the air temperature in the barbecue.


Please note that the Weber® Barbecue Mitt is not intended for prolonged contact with extreme heat and is not fireproof. It’s essential to follow all safety guidelines and exercise caution while grilling to ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking experience.

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