Outdoor Electric Heating

Here at The OutdoorScene in Goatstown, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive range of electric patio heaters in Ireland.

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We have teamed up with some of the best-known manufacturers of electric heaters throughout Europe and all of our staff at the OutdoorScene are fully trained to help you decide on the what particular heater best suits your needs. Some of the brands distributed through The OutdoorScene in Goatstown include, the Alfresco electric patio heater, Tansun and Heatscope also know as Heatstrip All of our electric patio heaters can be used for private use, but there are some that are primarily suited to commercial applications such as bars, restaurants, hotels, smoking areas, beer gardens, swimming pools, churches, etc. Some outdoor electric heaters can be quite small, meaning you need lots of them to warm a cold space. Electric patio heaters range from 600w to 8000W dual element models. The three-pronged approach of medium-wave infrared energy, high powered heaters and almost 100% conversion of electricity to heat means that you can be comfortable outdoors, even on the chilliest winter evenings for only a few cents per hour. Comfort Many people spend lots of money on outdoor furniture and awnings to entice customers outdoors but choosing the right heater is a vital and often neglected step in this process. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, bars and homes, our IPX4 – rated heaters can withstand the worst the weather has to offer Safe The use of high-grade insulation can be what determines one heater from another and with the advances in technology, there can be huge variances in costs when choosing a heater.
Running cost, dependability, and heat efficient technology are key considerations when choosing your heater. A good quality electric heater will have a minimum of heat loss at the rear of the heater. this allows the user to mount the heater higher, giving maximum radiant heat reach without causing damage to fabrics or other combustible materials that may be overhead. The features of electric radiant heaters can be summarised as follows:
  • No open flame
  • Zero emissions
  • No pressurised gas
  • Clean – no smells
  • Silent – no fans
  • Environmentally friendly
Low running costs Electric radiant heaters operate for just 15 cents per kilowatt hour (depending on the provider). The use of motion sensors/ timers are available on many models and offer further savings. therefore a 2kw heater will cost 30c per hour plus vat to run Instant heat Electric radiant heaters reach full working temperature in seconds.the time will vary from model to model, depending on the type of lamps used. Measuring & Installation all Electric patio heaters should be installed by a qualified electrician. All necessary installation instructions are provided. Replacement elements some elements can last for over 7000 hours of continuous use. You can order replacement elements online or by calling +353 1 2960212