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BeefEater Gas Hose and Regulator


Effortlessly connect your Gas BBQ to propane gas bottles with the Beefeater UK Gas Regulator & Hose. This high-quality accessory features a screw fitting to connect to your BBQ’s gas inlet and is compatible with green and red Calor Patio Gas Bottles. Enjoy easy usage and top-notch performance.

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Product Description

A safe and secure way to keep your gas flowing to your barbecue. This gas hose and regulator includes a thick rubber hose designed for durability along with a regulator that allows you to control the flow of gas from your bottle. This hose also includes a screw fitting so you can easily attach your hose to the Beef Eater barbecue to prevent any leaks.


Product Features

The kit includes a Patio Gas Propane Regulator, a 15mm hose, and Jubilee Clips.

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