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AvantGarde Biohort Garden Shed


The AvantGarde Garden shed from Biohort introduces style and functionality and fits in well with modern architecture to provide you with a lifetime of satisfaction: available in 4 sizes and 3 colours – metallic silver, metallic dark grey, and Metallic Quartz Grey.

Available with the standard single-door opening or a double-door option.

Please note the current lead time between ordering the AvantGarde and delivery is approximately three to four weeks.

Please note that we do not have any Biohort products on display in the store. However, they can be ordered here on the website or in-store and will be delivered to the customer’s address. All orders are delivered directly from the Biohort factory, come flat-packed on a pallet, and require assembly. The price includes curbside delivery only.

All Biohort Garden Sheds and Storage products are custom ordered to suit your exact requirements. Please select your desired options and features.


Product Description

Fits well with modern architecture and provides you with a lifetime of satisfaction: available in 4 sizes and 3 colours – metallic silver, metallic dark grey, and dark green.

The AvantGarde is a robust and sturdy metal garden shed that lives up to its name. It can fully justify the claim to be regarded as modern architecture! Its attractive appearance and the numerous practical advantages it offers each day will guarantee endless enjoyment. The lifetime freedom from maintenance saves both money and valuable free time.

Now available in the trendy new colour “metallic quartz grey” and with new, functional accessories.

Furthermore, the AvantGarde was upgraded with a high-quality stainless steel door handle. This provides you with more burglar-proof properties and you can integrate the garden shed into your locking system.


  • Security: 3-way locking mechanism with cylinder  lock
  • Modern Design
  • Accessibility: installation of a door in the sidewall is possible; hinge position (left or right) can be chosen to suit
  • Top-quality materials: hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide-coated steel plate, screws, bolts, and hinges made from stainless steel
  • Extremely sturdy:  will withstand snow loads of up to 150   kg/m2
  • Comfort: gas-assisted damper assists when opening and ‘closing doors
  • A door can be unlocked from inside
  • Acrylic glass fanlight plus roof overhang
  • Easy to erect with the aid of photo-illustrated assembly manual
  • Maintenance-free
  • 20  years guarantee
  • An extensive range of standard equipment included


Garden Shed Avantgarde Sizes

Door Opening:

Standard door: 76 x 182 cm (W x H),

Double doors: 155 x 182 cm (W x H)


 Standard Equipment Included

  • Twist Button cylinder lock – a 3-way locking mechanism including cylinder lock prevents unwanted entry. The door construction is particularly sturdy and secure.
  • Gas Assisted Spring Damper – Not only provides welcome assistance when opening and closing doors but also holds the door firmly in position
  • Integrated Gutter with connector provided for 1″ hose.
  • Acrylic Glass Fanlight and roof overhang – ensures enough light is available when working inside the shed, the roof overhang provides protection from the rain
  • Roof Insulation – The AvanGarde is already prepared to allow for easy installation of polystyrene panels (2cm thick) to insulate the roof if required
  • Shelf set / Support Rails – 2 Shelves, 4 brackets and 2 support rails are included as standard.
  • Tool hangers – 4 tool hangers are included as standard to hang spades, rakes, garden hoses and other tools
  • Tool holders – 2 tool holders are included as standard and can be fitted to the inside of the doors. a maximum of 5 tool holders can be fitted to one door.

Optional Features

  1. Double Doors (Left door wing added to the standard door) Installing an additional door (for size L onwards) increases access and enables larger equipment to be stored inside the shed. The 2nd door is fitted with a door locking mechanism and gas-assisted spring damper.
  2. Side Door (for installation in the side wall with stainless steel door handles) To allow access to your garden shed from two sides, install an extra door in the side wall. Included in the delivery are a 3-way locking mechanism, gas-assisted spring damper, hinges, 2 tool holders, doorposts and all attaching parts required. The door opening can be chosen on the left or right side.

Optional Extra Equipment

  • Aluminium Floor Frame
  • Aluminium Floor Panels
  • Rain Water Downpipe
  • Folding Table
  • Bicycle Holder “BIKEMAX”
  • Threshold Access Ramp

Foundation tips for garden shed AvantGarde

To make it easier for you to decide on the best way to erect your Biohort Garden Shed, we have prepared some proposals for you regarding foundation design.

Proposal 1: Installation with Biohort Floor Frame

The simplest solution is to install your Garden Shed directly onto a Biohort Floor Frame (without any extra foundations) and secure this with the ground anchors provided. The Floor Frame can then be filled out with paving slabs or wooden beams. >>more

Proposal 2: Concrete paving slabs in a gravel-bed

An effective and economical solution can be achieved by laying paving slabs in a gravel bed. Paving slabs are commonly available in a variety of colours and finishes from almost every Homeworker and DIY market. Even when due care is taken to ensure that the paving slabs are firmly and evenly placed in the gravel, we would still recommend using a Biohort Floor Frame to ensure stability. >>more

Proposal 3: Reinforced concrete foundation

A reinforced concrete foundation in a gravel bed is, without doubt, the optimal but also the most expensive solution. Even with this type of foundation, you must take measures to ensure that no water can enter the garden shed from ground level.

A shouldered foundation with a step of 2 cm x 7 cm running around the circumference is the ideal solution. >>more

Proposal 4: Point Foundation

Another useful alternative to ensure the secure, storm-proof erection of the Garden Shed on soft and uneven ground is to combine the Biohort Floor Frame with a point foundation. The foundation points should be positioned at each of the four corners of the shed and have a minimum size of 30 x 30 cm. The excavation should be of an adequate depth to ensure protection against frost.


Dimensions & Weight​

Additional Information

Additional information


Metallic dark grey, Metallic Silver, Quartz Grey Metallic


AvantGarde 180x260cm, AvantGarde 180x300cm, AvantGarde 180x380cm, AvantGarde 260×260, AvantGarde L 260 x 220 x 218cm, AvantGarde M 180 x 220 x 218cm, AvantGarde XL 260 x 300 x 217cm, AvantGarde XXL 260 x 380 x 222cm

Upgrade To Double Doors

Double Doors, Standard Single Door

Pre Order Delivery

Delivery in Three To Four Weeks

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