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Monolith Rotisserie Skewer Set


Effortlessly grill up to 7 skewers simultaneously with the Monolith Rotisserie Skewer Set. Perfect for shashlik, Brazilian meat skewers, kebabs, and veggies. The motor ensures synchronized rotation for evenly cooked, delicious results.

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Product Description

Turn your Monolith Kamado BBQ into a South American-style Churrasco grill with this skewer set, designed for use with the Monolith Rotisserie. Simply place your food on the skewers insert the skewers into the slots on the Rotisserie and cook away. The motor ensures that all the skewers are simultaneously rotated for an even cook and seven skewers can be used.

The pack contains 7 skewers.

Dimensions & Weight​

Dimensions & Weight

Monolith Rotisserie Skewer Set - Barbecue Accessories for sale Dublin

Additional information

Dimensions 67 cm