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Weber Lumin Compact Black Electric Barbecue


A portable and versatile electric barbecue. The Weber Lumin compact is designed for urban lifestyles.

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Product Description

Designed to be portable and a versatile electric barbecue at that. The Weber Lumin compact is designed for urban lifestyles and also travelling lifestyles. This electric barbecue is exceptionally powerful for its class and can hit temperatures of 315°C, making it perfect for searing steaks. The Lumin is also designed to capture that smokey barbecue flavour so you can have all of the taste of barbecued food.

The Lumin electric barbecue is also designed to keep food warm after cooking, so you can keep your dishes fresh and hot. The Weber Lumin Compact has a small footprint as well making it easy to store and take out whenever you wish to use it. It is also a superb barbecue for travelling if you are close to a power source. The Weber Lumin is an exceptional barbecue that fits right at home on your balcony or terrace.

Product Features

  • • Reach really hot temperatures using electricity alone — the Lumin can reach temperatures over 315°C • A range of different Sear, smoke, steam or boil with various cooking settings with true barbecue taste • Keep meals warm so guests can serve themselves with the exceptional heating • Barbecue food from frozen by thawing food on the grill while the barbecue preheats so you can get cooking right away • Store and access your barbecue and collapsible stand with ease
  • Store simply with compact and space-efficient design




Product Technical Specs & Guarantee Information

  • Dimensions – Lid Open (centimetres) 57.00cm H x 58.50cm W x 45.50cm D
  • Dimensions – Lid Closed (centimetres) 28.00cm H x 58.50cm W x 42.00cm D
  • Total cooking area (centimetres) 1166 cm2
  • Weight (kg) 12.00
  • Fuel type Electric
  • Cooking grates Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grates
  • Power 230v = 2200 Watts
  • Max barbecue temperature 315 °C+
  • Power cord length 1.8-metre cable

Dimensions & Weight​

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