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Outdoor Millboard Decking and Cladding

Millboard outdoor composite decking is a remarkable fusion of innovation and artistry, meticulously crafted to elevate your outdoor spaces while embracing environmental responsibility. Each plank boasts a captivating natural wood-grain finish, meticulously sculpted to exude the timeless charm of real wood. This remarkable feat is achieved through a cutting-edge manufacturing process that utilises recycled materials, reducing the decking’s carbon footprint and ensuring its sustainability.

Why Choose Millboard Decking?

Distinctive Cladding for Homes and Gardens

Beyond its exceptional composite decking, Millboard offers a captivating range of cladding solutions that transform your home’s exterior into a haven of elegance and enduring beauty. Crafted from 100% wood-free materials, Millboard cladding epitomises sustainability, offering a low carbon footprint and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Millboard’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product quality. The company sources only recycled materials, minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional wood harvesting. This conscious approach aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the home improvement industry.

Millboard Outdoor Decking and Cladding For Sale Dublin
Millboard Outdoor Decking and Cladding For Sale Dublin

Sustainable and Built for the Irish Weather

Millboard composite decking is also designed to be sustainable and strong. With Millboard composite decking. You don’t have to worry about splinters as each piece is moulded from real oak wood to look exactly like the real thing, without any of the loose bits. Perfect for children and pets. You don’t have to worry about slipping as well as each piece has been designed with a high grip surface in mind, so you can comfortably use your decking in wet weather without any fear of falls. Millboard composite decking performs superbly in inclement weather as well and is designed to prevent swelling during particularly wet spells of weather. Millboard composite decking is also designed to prevent UV fade in long sunny spells of weather too.  

Millboard Outdoor Decking and Cladding For Sale Dublin
Millboard Outdoor Decking and Cladding For Sale Dublin

Heavyweight Built, Lightweight Assembly

Millboard composite decking is also designed to take on heavy weights. Want to put your outdoor furniture on your decking? You can do it in confidence.  It is also lightweight and easy to assemble. With “Lost head” screw assembly, unsightly screws are cleverly hidden away from sight.   

Millboard Outdoor Decking and Cladding For Sale Dublin
Millboard Outdoor Decking and Cladding For Sale Dublin

Available in Stunning Different Varieties

With various colours and types, the Millboard composite decking has many options to suit your outdoor space. Choose from a range of different colours with distinct, authentic wooden hues and a variety of different grain types.

The full range of Millboard colours and grains is in the Millboard catalogue. See something you like? Call or email our expert sales team to help you get started on your outdoor cladding or decking project with Millboard.

Customise Your Millboard Decks The Way You Want To

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