Wood Pellet Grills

Wood pellet grills are now available on outdoor. ie! Traeger Grills & Weber Smokefire are new BBQs in The Outdoor Scene range. These pellet grills are the perfect all-in-one solution to your barbecue needs.

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Wood Pellet Grills

Wood Pellet Grills are one of the fastest growing types of barbecues. Using an innovative "Hopper" system. They work by putting wood pellets into a hopper, lit at the bottom of the stack to start the burn and have the heat distributed into the barbecue by a controllable fan. Wood Pellet Grills are designed to be efficient and start distributing heat into the barbecue very quickly. You can also purchase different wood pellet blends such as apple, pecan, cherry and more to give your food a distinct aroma. Wood Pellet BBQs are a versatile and innovative new range of barbecues.

Traeger Grills

Level up your barbecue cooking with the amazing range of Traeger Wood Pellet Grills. Why are Traeger grills so popular?  Traeger brings you over thirty years of finely honed craftsmanship with their incredible range of barbecues. Designed to heat up fast, Traeger's also come with an innovative fan system to help distribute heat and smoke. Not only are Traeger BBQs built for heat. Traeger's are built with modern innovation in mind with the WiFIRE system that allows you to control your Traeger pellet BBQ with your phone! Set temperatures and follow recipes step by step with full control over your barbecue using the Traeger App. Traeger Grills are some of the most popular worldwide for many good reasons.

Traeger Range at The Outdoor Scene

At the Outdoor Scene we are proud to present a range of Wood Pellet Grills from American BBQ powerhouse, Traeger. Choose from the Traeger Pro series, a line of Traeger grills designed to get you barbecuing with their expansive range of features and innovative wood pellet hopper. Or if you are serious about your smoke. The Traeger Ironwood series of grills is designed to help you grill, sear and smoke with its innovative down draft exhaust and "Super Smoke" function. All of these can be controlled just from your phone with innovative WiFIRE technology making Traeger Wood Pellet BBQs an incredible choice for your next Barbecue.

Weber Smokefire Bbqs

A brand new barbecue introduced in 2020. The Weber SmokeFire barbecue is packed with features and innovation. It has been called the most "Innovative BBQ in Weber history". Designed to produce natural barbecue flavour fueled by wood pellets. This pellet grill from Weber is perfect for grilling, smoking, searing, baking and more. Combining the ease of control from gas grills with the precision of electric grills alongside the modern technology included with Weber Connect. The Weber SmokeFire is easy to clean with bucket free grease and ash removal. It has a porcelain enamel finish for incredible durability and flavouriser bars to direct heat to every part of the cooking grate. An incredible all-in-one solution to your barbecue needs.

Is the Weber Smokefire for you?

The Weber SmokeFire is a perfect solution for those new to barbecuing or who have experience grilling already. thanks to the inbuilt Weber Connect. Simply connect your phone to the Weber pellet BBQ using the Weber Connect app (Available on iOS and Android) and get step by step grilling assistance on when to flip food for optimal cooking on both sides to a countdown including recipes for the most popular foods. The Weber SmokeFire is also built to hold a vast temperature range and provide a ton of versatility. This barbecue can do "low and slow" style cooking and sear steaks at high temperatures. It can also do roasts and even bake perfect Pizza and desserts. An amazingly versatile barbecue. The SmokeFire is perfect for all experience levels.