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English Ivy Garland


Add some stunning green to your garden with this lengthy English Ivy garland. Featuring incredibly realistic plants along a green stem, this garland is perfect for in the home or making your patio greener with its ability to be hung where you please. A superb addition to your home or even your commercial space.

Features and Dimensions

  • Size: 180cm (6 Feet)
  • Species: Ivy
  • Colour: Green

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Product Description

Our faux flowers and plants are crafted using premium-grade silk fabric and top-tier plastics. Many of our products are meticulously finished with hand-painted details, resulting in astonishingly lifelike replicas of their natural counterparts. The precise coloring, meticulous attention to detail, and utilization of advanced materials are what lend our artificial flowers and plants their remarkable realism.

Our artificial plants and foliage have long been favored by architectural firms, interior designers, visual merchandisers, and landscaping professionals. You’ll frequently find our exquisite artificial plants and flowers adorning the displays of popular high-street shops, stores, and hotels.

With the option to create custom flower arrangements and bespoke faux floral decorations in your preferred colors, our offerings are an excellent choice for weddings and receptions, allowing you to add a touch of everlasting elegance to your special occasions.

Dimensions & Weight​

Additional Information

English Ivy Garland - Artificial Plants - Faux Plants

Additional information

Dimensions 180 cm

180 cm