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Traeger Drip Tray Liners – 5 Pack – Ironwood 650 Grill


Designed for the Ironwood 650. Made of heat resistant aluminum. These drip tray liners help clear out the gunk and make cleaning easier.

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Product Description

Traeger Drip Tray Liners – 5 Pack – Ironwood 650 Grill

Introducing the Traeger Drip Tray Liners, your ultimate grilling companion for a hassle-free cooking experience. These liners are designed to fit perfectly in your Ironwood 650 Grill, making clean-up a breeze and ensuring that your grill stays in pristine condition.

With the Traeger Drip Tray Liners, you can say goodbye to messy clean-ups and hello to more time enjoying your deliciously grilled creations. Each liner is made from high-quality materials that are heat-resistant and durable, ensuring that they can withstand even the hottest grilling sessions. Simply place the liner on the drip tray of your Ironwood 650 Grill before cooking, and it will catch any grease and drippings, preventing them from building up and causing a mess.

The convenience doesn’t end there! When you’re done grilling, simply remove the liner and dispose of it. No more scrubbing or scraping to remove stubborn residue. The Traeger Drip Tray Liners not only save you time and effort, but they also help to extend the life of your grill by preventing grease accumulation and potential damage.

This 5-pack of liners ensures that you have plenty of backups for multiple grilling sessions. Each liner is custom-fit for the Ironwood 650 Grill, so you can be confident that it will stay securely in place, preventing any drippings from escaping and causing flare-ups. Whether you’re grilling juicy steaks, succulent ribs, or flavorful vegetables, the Traeger Drip Tray Liners provide a reliable and convenient solution for maintaining a clean and well-functioning grill.

Upgrade your grilling game with the Traeger Drip Tray Liners. Don’t let cleaning up after a fantastic meal dampen your grilling experience. With these liners, you can focus on what matters most: enjoying delicious food with family and friends. Order your pack today and discover the joy of hassle-free grilling with Traeger.


  • Pack includes 5 aluminum liners
  • Light and disposable for easy grill cleanup
  • Product Dimensions: 21in x 15.5in

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