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Traeger Drip Tray Liners – 5 Pack – Pro 780 Grill


Designed for the Pro 780. Made of heat-resistant aluminum. These drip tray liners help clear out the gunk and make cleaning easier.

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Product Description

Traeger® Drip Tray Liners – 5 Pack – Pro 780 Grill  *Online Only*

Introducing the Traeger Drip Tray Liners – 5 Pack, the ultimate accessory for your Pro 780 Grill! Engineered to perfection, these drip tray liners are designed to make your grilling experience more convenient and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of scrubbing grease and residue off your grill’s drip tray because these liners will keep it clean and pristine.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Traeger® Drip Tray Liners offer exceptional durability and heat resistance. They are specifically tailored to fit the Pro 780 Grill’s drip tray, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Each pack contains five liners, giving you plenty of replacements to keep your grill in top-notch condition for extended periods.

The innovative design of these liners guarantees superior grease and liquid capture, preventing flare-ups and maintaining optimal grilling conditions. With the Traeger® Drip Tray Liners, you can focus on perfecting your recipes and enjoying mouthwatering meals, rather than worrying about the mess left behind.

Cleaning up after a grilling session has never been easier. Simply remove the used liner and replace it with a fresh one. The disposable nature of these liners eliminates the need for scrubbing, scraping, and excessive cleaning. Spend less time on maintenance and more time doing what you love – grilling!

Not only do these liners simplify cleanup, but they also promote healthier grilling. By capturing excess grease and preventing it from coming into direct contact with the flames, they minimize the risk of flare-ups and charring. You can indulge in your favorite grilled delicacies without worrying about harmful chemicals or excessive smoke.

Upgrade your grilling game with the Traeger® Drip Tray Liners – 5 Pack. They are the perfect companion for your Pro 780 Grill, providing convenience, cleanliness, and peace of mind. Order your pack today and experience the joy of hassle-free grilling like never before!

Product Features

  • Pack includes 5 aluminum liners
  • Light and disposable for easy grill cleanup
  • Product Dimensions: 29in x 16in

Dimensions & Weight​

Traeger Drip Tray Liners - 5 Pack - Pro 780 Grill – BBQ Accessories For Sale Dublin

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