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Weber BBQ Grill Brush With Scraper


Greasy grates will eventually suffer from uneven heat distribution and flare-ups. Look after your barbecue with Weber Grill Brushes.

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Product Description

Weber BBQ Grill Brush With Scraper

Keep your grates clean with the Bamboo Brush. No need to buy a new brush each year, the easy to remove head can be replaced each spring. Designed to get into tight spaces and has an extra-long handle to keep hands away from the heat.


  • Stainless steel bristles easily brush away residue from cooking grates
  • A notched scraper removes stubborn materials


You are advised to replace your grill brushes at least every season or more often for frequent barbecuers. Before each use, check the brush for damage such as loose bristles. If loose bristles are found, immediately discard and replace the brush.