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Weber Natural Lighter Cubes


Weber Natural Lighter Cubes are a safe and easy way to light your charcoal briquettes for grilling. Made from all-natural ingredients, these cubes are free of petroleum-based chemicals and produce a clean, odorless flame.


  • Contains 48 pieces
  • All-natural ingredients for a clean and safe burn
  • Produce a clean, odorless flame
  • Easy to use – just place a cube under your charcoal briquettes and light it
  • Burn for up to 10 minutes, providing ample time for your briquettes to reach the optimal temperature for grilling

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Product Description

Using Weber Natural Lighter Cubes

  1. Open the grill and place a cube under the charcoal briquettes
  2. Light the cube with a lighter or match
  3. Close the grill lid and wait for the charcoal briquettes to ignite
  4. Once the briquettes are glowing red, they are ready to use


  • Safe and easy to use: The cubes are a safer alternative to lighter fluid, which can produce harmful fumes
  • Clean and odorless: They produce a clean, odorless flame that won’t affect the flavor of your food
  • Environmentally friendly: Weber Natural Lighter Cubes are made from all-natural ingredients and are biodegradable

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Weber Natural Lighter Cubes - Weber BBQ Accessories Ireland

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